Do electric toothbrushes damage your teeth?

do electric toothbrushes damage your teeth

Did you know? Electric Toothbrushes are something a lot of people are afraid of shifting to because they feel like it might damage their teeth.

But is this really true?

As it turns out, it’s not really true. You really don’t have to worry too much- you can actually pretty safely use an electric toothbrush and make the shift from manual ones.

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Do Electric Toothbrushes Damage your Teeth?

A lot of people feel like the pulsations and oscillations can actually have a negative impact on your teeth- but this really is not the case. In fact, Quoting Electricteeth,

The resulting answer is essentially the same.  The electric toothbrush does not cause damage to the teeth or to the gums, with many studies in fact showing how overall the electric toothbrush is better for the teeth and gums.

study by Annette Weigand in 2012 actually compared manual and electric brushes and found that manual brushes were more abrasive to the teeth and gums.

So, it is pretty safe to conclude that Electric Toothbrushes do not damage your teeth at all.

Are Electric Toothbrushes bad for your teeth?

Well, another question that you might be wondering about is if Electric Toothbrushes are bad for your teeth in any way whatsoever. And trust me, this is a really good question to ask before you make the shift.

However, once again, Electric toothbrushes are not bad for your teeth at all. On the contrary, they are actually much better than conventional toothbrushes in several aspects, making them a great choice.

We here at Tooth Advocates have already prepared an article for you about this right here, so that you can actually know about all the pros and cons to it. Click here to check out our article.

One specific scenario where Electric Toothbrushes aren’t a great idea: Cleaning your Tongue.

While Electric toothbrushes have proven themselves to be better than regular ones in a whole lot of aspects, there is one specific aspects where I cannot recommend electric toothbrushes at all.

This is when you have to take care of your tongue and clean it perfectly. This is one of those cases where using an electric toothbrush actually makes it hard for you to do the job properly and comfortably.

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Are your Teeth turning yellow? Here’s how to turn them white!

Well, if your teeth are turning yellow, that really isn’t something to be too worried about, because it really isn’t impossible to get them back to white!

Since a lot of us aren’t able to maintain the right amount of dental hygiene all the time, it is actually natural to see teeth turning yellow- but we have quite a few reliable solutions for it!

Some people believe that brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush is a great idea- but this really is not the case. Click here to check out our article here at Tooth Advocates explaining why this does not really whiten your teeth.

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Top 3 for your First Electric Toothbrush!

Finding your first electric toothbrush can be pretty hard, given all the choices that you have available out there and how similar a lot of them might seem.

However, don’t worry- Tooth Advocates is here for you! We have already done the research and shortlisted three models for you that you might want to choose from when buying your first Electric Toothbrush! These are:

Keep in mind that if you’re looking for a perfectly premium model, then you’d probably be better off with the Oral-B Genius 8000(Click here to read my full review.)

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