Is it Better to Store Your Toothbrush in a Drawer

Store Your Toothbrush in a Drawer

I used to store my toothbrush in the bathroom, until I realized what sort of mistake I was making. But I’ll not let you make the same mistake that I did, so please don’t put it in the bathroom.

What you might want to consider as an alternative is putting it in a drawer. But is that a sensible choice either?

No, it is not a wise choice to put your toothbrush in a drawer if it’s wet.

It’s acceptable to do so if it’s dry, but in a wet condition, it’s really a bad choice. Firstly, there is going to be no air flow, and it isn’t going to dry, and secondly, the water is not going to run off because the toothbrush would not be in a standing position.

As such, this is one of the scenarios that’s not really recommended. You might want to keep in mind the same thing while traveling- click here to check out our recommendations for that.

What are the main things to keep in mind?

There are some really important things that must be kept in mind when selecting the right spot. These include both features for the spot as well as the right position and condition for your toothbrush.

So, let’s take a look at the main things that you simply cannot forget about if you plan to keep your toothbrush worthy of using the next day:

  • Drying the Brush: The first thing that you must keep in mind is that your brush must be dry when you’re storing it away. Storing away a wet brush in a closed space would spell disaster for your dental hygiene, and so that’s something you need to avoid.
  • Keeping the brush upright: A lot of experts also recommend keeping your brush upright. This apparently helps the water in moving away from the head. This is actually a pretty good idea as well, and is something you might want to keep in mind.
  • Selecting the right room: Selecting the right room is the key to keeping your toothbrush worthy of use. Most of the people store their toothbrush in the toilet. And you wanna know what happens? Quoting PopSugar,

Brushing and flushing: If you’re like most people, you keep your toothbrush in the bathroom. But whenever you flush the toilet, bacteria gets sprayed into the air where it lands on your toothbrush bristles. Totally disgusting, I know. Keep your toothbrush at least three feet away from the toilet. Or, better yet, just keep the toilet lid closed.

  • Don’t let it touch another toothbrush: One of the most common mistakes that are made is that a lot of toothbrushes are kept together. This actually helps the spread of bacteria. If you’re really concerned about your dental hygiene, this is one of the things you must consider changing.
  • Try not to store your toothbrush in a closed space: One of the best ideas is to not store your toothbrush in a closed space until you’re sure that it’s perfectly dry. Because, otherwise, you’d be inviting the bacteria to breed on your toothbrush and ruin your dental and oral hygiene.

Is it Better to Store Your Toothbrush in a Drawer?

This brings us to the real question. Is it better to store your toothbrush in a drawer?

Well, think carefully over the facts we just mentioned earlier. Take a moment to actually think it over.

If you thought it over, you must have realized that it really is NOT a sensible choice to keep it there because of the following reasons:

  • No Air flow: The first thing is that there is no air flow in there. The toothbrush would not dry if it’s wet. So, even with the minutest level of wetness, you’re actually running the risk of getting a lot of germs on there. And this is actually avoidable, making it a better choice not to keep it there.
  • No room to keep the toothbrush in the right position: The air flow could be ignored if the water could at least run off from the head of the toothbrush. But even that is impossible in case of keeping it inside a drawer because you can’t keep it upright in there. This makes keeping it in a drawer a really horrible idea.

Both of these facts come together to actually easily make the toothbrush a breeding ground for germs even if it’s slightly wet. And since you’re not traveling, it’s pretty much a better decision not to store it up there.

Proper care also determines the life-span of the toothbrush

One thing you might want to keep in mind is that while your toothbrush wouldn’t last forever, the overall care you put into it actually determines how long it’s going to last.

As someone who has seen people completely destroying their toothbrush in a week, I know how important care is. So, that’s what I’m going to recommend.

I’d really like to ask you to take care of your toothbrush. And how long is it going to last? Well, I’ve already written a comprehensive article on that just to help you out with your question!

Please click here to check out how long should a toothbrush last


In conclusion, it can be safely said that the drawer is not exactly the best spot to put your toothbrush in.

While it’s a great spot if your toothbrush is surely dry, it can easily turn into an equally bad spot if it isn’t. So, that’s something you might want to avoid altogether and put it in a safer spot.

[However, please do not put it in the bathroom. We have already discussed why you should not do it in today’s article, and that’s something you must keep in mind]

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