Do electric toothbrushes make your teeth whiter?

do electric toothbrushes make your teeth whiter

A lot of people seem to think that using an electric toothbrush would automatically make their teeth white- but this is not true at all.

While it is not directly responsible for making your teeth whiter, it sure can actually clean your teeth better than regular toothbrushes, which is a great reason to make the shift if you haven’t already.

Do Electric Toothbrushes make your teeth whiter?

A lot of my friends used to come around and ask me if brushing with an electric toothbrush would help them whiten their teeth.

One of the main things you might want to remember if this is the question you have is why teeth look yellow in the first place. It’s because of the fact that they get stained- and while plaque removal could help them look whiter, you cannot really remove the stains except by using something abrasive like baking soda (we will discuss this later in today’s article.

As such, using your electric toothbrush can help you clean them better, but cannot really make them whiter. Quoting Electric Teeth,

The short answer is no.  But using an electric toothbrush can make your teeth appear whiter by removing stains.

Electric toothbrushes cannot make your teeth overall whiter in the same way that professional bleaching will.

It is not quite as simple as switching to an electric toothbrush and getting instantly whiter teeth — it depends how stained and how yellow your teeth are to begin with.

The media, marketing campaigns and common misunderstandings can create unrealistic expectations when it comes to whitening.

Again, quoting BestSpy,

This, however, does not work like magic. A person would need to brush at least twice a day for two minutes every time and with the right technique to acquire desirable results – spot-free teeth. Eliminating stubborn dirt and stains would of course, make teeth cleaner and possibly lighter-shaded than before. However, it only restores the original teeth’s color at most, and does not go beyond to whitening it.

As such, it is safe to say that while you might be able to clean your teeth very well if you regularly brush with an electric toothbrush, you cannot really whiten it that way.

Use Baking Soda to Whiten your Teeth

If you’re looking forward to brightening your Teeth, using Baking Soda might actually be a great idea for you.

A lot of people worry that Baking soda might actually be harmful for their teeth- and it is, but it is so only if you overuse it in the long term.

But guess what? We’ve already prepared an article about this for you right here at Tooth Advocates. So, please click here to check out our article on If Baking Soda can really whiten your teeth.

How do Electric Toothbrushes stand in comparison to regular ones?

Well, what you might be wondering about now is where exactly Electric toothbrushes stand in comparison to regular toothbrushes.

After all, since we’ve shown that Electric toothbrushes are not harmful at all, and are often even better as a choice than regular ones, it seems like it’s better than regular ones, right?

However, there are a few small negative sides to Electric toothbrushes as well. These are that you need to use them properly in order to derive the maximum benefits out of them, and keep them charged.

Electric Toothbrushes are also often much more expensive than regular toothbrushes, at least as far as the premium models are concerned (Click here to read my comparison of the very basic and a premium Electric Toothbrush model)

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Clean your tongue well- but don’t use an Electric Toothbrush.

Cleaning your tongue is actually fairly important because a lot of the bath mouth odor actually comes from the particles that remain on your tongue.

And the best part is that people are slowly starting to clean their tongue more and more. However, the main problem is that since we now often use electric toothbrushes, cleaning your tongue also needs a little more thought put into it.

While cleaning it is important, cleaning it with an electric toothbrush is not really a great idea. Tooth Advocates has done the research for you and has figured out the main reasons why you should not use an electric toothbrush and what you might want to use instead. Please click here to check out our article.

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