The Best Way to Store a Toothbrush: It’s Safe, Sanitary, and Easy!

how to store a toothbrush

Storing your toothbrush and related hygienic gadgets properly plays a big role in your overall health. A toothbrush with excessive bacteria built up on it may remove plaque and food debris from your teeth but it could also contribute to making you sick.

There are bad ways to store a toothbrush and there are good ways… I would even contend that some ways are far superior to others.

Lets dive into this topic on this post and then you can follow some of the links on this page to look at specific storage questions you may have in greater depth.

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Is it Better to Store Your Toothbrush in the Medicine Cabinet

Are you one of those people that stores their toothbrush in the medicine cabinet thinking it is better for you then keeping it on the countertop? Did you know that you are potentially risking more by doing this? Yes, there are some advantages for keeping the brush off of the counter but there are better ways of doing so. This post goes into great depth to explain the risks and advantages of using the medicine cabinet as a toothbrush storage location.

Should You Dry Your Toothbrush Before Storing It

Have you ever wondered if it was more sanitary to dry your toothbrush off before tucking it away before your next use? You are not alone. It makes sense to dry your toothbrush off a little but in some cases it can be really dangerous to store your toothbrush without drying it out first. This post goes in to detail answering this question for you.

How to Safely Store a Toothbrush for Travel

When traveling whether for work of for vacation keeping your toothbrush protected and clean is always a bit of a challenge. Your normal toothbrush storage device or location is usually not an option so you have to come up with new solutions to this seemingly easy problem. Just throw it in the plastic compartment in your luggage? No way! The brush will never breath and can’t dry in there! It’s bound to build up a ton of bacteria in short order, so what’s a person to do? Check this post out for some great ideas!

Should You Keep Your Toothbrush in the Bathroom

It should be no surprise that bathrooms are full of bacteria on all surfaces as well as the air circulating inside of it. There is a reason that fans inside bathrooms suck up the air and direct it through your walls directly outside! Considering the environment you should at least consider the option of storing your toothbrush outside of the bathroom where germs are a little less likely to grow and multiply… you know, considering that brush goes directly into your mouth a couple of times a day! In this article we have made our case for toothbrush storage outside of the bathroom although we also have a few ideas for more sanitary options for inside the bathroom storage.

Is it Better to Store Your Toothbrush in a Drawer

If you keep your toothbrush in a drawer between uses you are not alone by a long shot. Countless people do this all the time because it helps keep a bathroom counter clutter-free and keeps the floating poop particles in a bathroom from landing on your brush head. Is it a good idea though? That is another matter. See this article to learn all about the perils of bathroom drawer toothbrush holders and our thoughts on better solutions.

How to Hide an Electric Toothbrush in the Bathroom

Electric toothbrushes take up a lot more space in a bathroom than regular manual brushes do. There are power heads, brush heads, electrical cords, and on top of all that the brushes are simply bigger and longer! Here is a post we put together on keeping your electric toothbrush in the bathroom in stealth mode. If you want to keep your there but don’t want it to be so noticeable then check this post out!

Should You Keep Your Toothbrush in the Bedroom Instead of the Bathroom

Let’s get this straight first of all, this is something that a very small percentage of people in the United States do. Almost everybody stores their toothbrush in the bathroom right next to the sink but there is actually a very strong case to be made for storing them in the bedroom instead. First off there isn’t feces floating around the room, second, the humidity is a lot lower, third of all, bacteria, mold, and mildew spores are at a minimum. All of these reasons should make your toothbrush head more sanitary. Check this article out for even more on the topic.

How to Store a Toothbrush at Work

Everyone knows that brushing twice a day is recommended by dentists worldwide but some people take it a step further and brush three times a day. Once in the morning, once before bedtime, and once mid-day, usually after lunch and frequently at the office. If you are considering bringing an extra toothbrush to the office so that you can brush one extra time while at work then let us give you some ideas on how to store your work toothbrush in a safe and clean way. It can be harder at the office but it’s not impossible by any means.

How to Hang a Toothbrush

Probably the best way to store your toothbrush is in an upright position and there is no better way to do this than to hang it from a wall or mirror. Hanging toothbrushes get better air circulation, they dry off better and do not harbor bacteria like they might in a closed space like a medicine cabinet or drawer. This article should give you some good ideas on how to go about mounting your toothbrush on the wall or a nearby mirror.

Is it OK to Store Your Toothbrush in Hydrogen Peroxide

It’s extremly common for hydrogen peroxide to be used to clean a toothbrush, we actually have a full guide on this topic right here on the site already. What is less commonly practiced however is storing a toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide. It makes sence that if it will kill bacteria then it should prevent bacteria as well. Is it safe? We’ve got the answers right here. For some people this might be a good option but it may not be fore everybody.

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How Long Does a Toothbrush Last – It may be tempting to keep using your toothbrush for as long as you have not dropped it in the toilet but even if it looks like it’s clean and in good shape they start losing their effectiveness over time. Bristles start fraying and they just don’t clean as well as they did when they were new. Microscopic tears in the bristles start harboring bacteria and they become more unsanitary with every passing day.