Can you use an Electric Toothbrush on your tongue?

can you use an electric toothbrush on your tongue

Did you know that up 50-90% of the bad mouth odor can actually be traced back to food that is not stuck in or between your teeth but to your tongue?

Well, as it so happens, the tongue is the part of our mouth that we use the most but clean the least. So, that makes it really important to take care of it.

[How exactly should you do that? Keep reading till the very end to find out!]

And as it so happens, brushing your tongue seems like the best idea at first. But, if you’re using an electric toothbrush, this might be the question you have in your mind: Can you use an Electric toothbrush on your tongue?

As it so happens, while you technically can use it, it really is not recommended because of the fact that it can actually cause more harm than good if done improperly, and can make you feel more sensitive to gagging. 

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Can you use an Electric Toothbrush on your tongue?

As I remarked earlier, you obviously can use it on your tongue if you wish to do so.

However, you first need to figure out if it’s going to actually help you improve your overall oral hygiene or not- and in this case, while it might do so, it is much easier to actually end up making it worse if you’re not careful enough.

On a whole, it really isn’t recommended that you go ahead and use your toothbrush on your tongue if it’s an electric one- even if it is the basic Oral-B Vitality (click here to read my review of the Oral-B Vitality)

Quoting ElectricTeeth,

  • Avoid an electric toothbrush – Whilst an electric toothbrush might be your choice for teeth, the vibrations and sensation it creates on the tongue surface may make you more sensitive to gagging, use a manual brush or scraper.

This makes it clear that using it on your tongue is not really a great idea. Again, another major problem with using it on your tongue is that the toothpaste you use often contains materials that are unsafe for consumption such as fluoride.

Since using it on your tongue means you might be directly absorbing some of it, this does not really sound like such a good idea to do unless you’re using toothpastes specially designed for safety even when absorbed.

Is Brushing your tongue a good idea?

Yes, brushing your tongue is a good idea- in fact, it is really recommended that you brush your tongue often to keep it clean and hygienic.

However, that doesn’t mean that you need to use an electric toothbrush. Using a regular one or a tongue scrapper seems to be the best solution here.

So, if you’re looking forward to keeping your tongue healthy and not have a bad mouth odour, this might just be the right course of action for you.

Should brushing ideally follow flossing?

One of the most commonly asked questions is how once should arrange
brushing and flossing, and which one should follow the other.

I did my research on this, and I figured out that brushing should be done first. After that, you should floss your teeth.

This gives you quite a few advantages over doing it the other way around. To begin with, brushing helps you get rid of the food debris in your mouth and the larger pieces stuck between your teeth so that the Waterpik can take care of the minute particles that finally remain.

However, guess what? Tooth Advocates already has an entire article on this that I would really recommend for you to check out!

Click here to check out if you should brush before or after using a Waterpik.

Top 3 for your First Electric Toothbrush!

Finding your first electric toothbrush can be pretty hard, given all the choices that you have available out there and how similar a lot of them might seem.

However, don’t worry- Tooth Advocates is here for you! We have already done the research and shortlisted three models for you that you might want to choose from when buying your first Electric Toothbrush! These are:

Keep in mind that if you’re looking for a perfectly premium model, then you’d probably be better off with the Oral-B Genius 8000(Click here to read my full review.)


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