What is the Best Toothbrush for Braces?

Anyone that has braces understand the hassle that brushing becomes once you get them. You have to be a lot more careful and give it quite a little bit of extra time to ensure that you have cleaned every spot in a perfect way if you want to keep up that smile that you are tolerating those braces for.

As such, it becomes really important to select the right toothbrush for yourself. Since all toothbrushes aren’t good choices when it comes to braces, here are some of the main models that you might want to check out which claim to be really good at cleaning your teeth even if you have braces.

[Wondering about if they are worth it or not or which one would be the best choice for you? Make sure that you keep reading to find out!]

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What is the Best Toothbrush for Braces?

As you might have already figured out, getting braces makes it a tad bit harder to brush with the same level of efficiency that you used to before, both for you and your toothbrush.

As such, besides trying to be a little more attentive to your overall brushing needs, you might want to get a toothbrush that has been designed to be a little more efficient with braces.

As such, designed to be so or not, there are quite a few models that actually provide you with a little more efficiency than the other models by comparison if you have braces. Let us take a look at the main choices that you might want to go for if you have braces:
Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush
One of the first models that I would like to recommend is the Philips Sonicare Electic Toothbrush.

As you might already be aware, the main thing about this toothbrush is that it also uses ultra-sonic waves to get rid of the plaque and food particles in your mouth.

That makes it a great choice to use if you have braces, because it doesn’t actually need to reach every part directly.

So, if you’re looking for a model that would be able to provide you with efficiency and are willing to go for something that achieves this by technology, the Philips Sonicare is one of the best choices that you can possibly go for.

While the several modes and features that the Philips sonicare offers you with are lucrative, you must keep in mind that these models are slightly expensive at the same time. So, you must make sure that you’re fine with the price tag before you rush in to get one of these choices.
Oral-B Pro 7000 Electric Toothbrush
Arguably one of the best choices from the Oral-B line of products, the Oral-B Pro 7000 Electric Toothbrush is one of the models that you expect to see on this list.

This model provides you with a huge deal of flexibility, functionality and adaptability. As such, it comes as no surprise that this model is a good choice even when you are looking forward to finding a toothbrush that would be effective with braces.

With 6 modes to choose from, this model provides you with a whole lot of features, all the way up to cleaning your tongue. This makes this model one of those that I always highly recommend- and this case is no exception.

However, as usual, this is actually a fairly high-end model that comes at a pretty high price. So, if you’re a little conservative on the economic aspect, you might want to consider a few other models before finally deciding on your final choice.

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Oral-B Pro-Health CrossAction 7 Toothbrush
Next in line is the Oral-B Pro-Health Cross Action 7 toothbrush. This is a manual model that provides you with specially made soft bristles to make your overall brushing experience smoother and more comfortable.

Regarded by quite a few bloggers as one of the best choices that you might choose to go for, this is one of those models that provide you with a 3 cm long brush head, that sort of adjusts to the shape of your teeth, helping you brush well even if you have braces.

At the same time, being a manual model, this model is less expensive that most of the high-end electric toothbrushes that you might otherwise have to go for, making this model a better choice from that perspective.

Of course, you would lost on a few of the main features such as functionality that Electric Toothbrushes bring, but this model seems like a great choice in this case because it suits the needs and actually is available at an affordable price.
Doctor Plotka’s Mouthwatchers Antimicrobial Toothbrush
Who says that you cannot implement new technology when it comes to manual toothbrushes?

While Electric toothbrushes provide you with higher levels of brushing modes and functionality when you’re brushing, Doctor Plotka’s Mouthwatchers Antmicrobial Toothbrush takes a whole different route altogether!

It actually comes along with Silver Bristles that automatically take care of the bacteria and kill off most of it. Since regular toothbrushes always have the threat of bacteria growing on them, this model becomes really recommendable particularly if you use braces because you wouldn’t risk putting bacteria in a spot that you can’t clean properly.

With the help of this technology alone, not to speak of the overall amazing brushing experience you can have with this model, it finds a place in this list as one of the best Toothbrushes for you to go for if you have braces.

Oral-B Ortho Soft Toothbrush
Let us conclude with the Oral-B Ortho Soft Bristle Toothbrush, one of the models that have been specifically designed keeping the needs of people with braces in mind.

If you’re looking for a model that has been specially designed to suit your needs, this is one of the best choices for you to go for. This model actually has a super soft bristle that can actually properly help you clean around your braces.

The “V” trimmed bristles actually let you effectively clean your toothbrush while the comfort grip mechanism actually gives you a better grip and therefore a greater amount of flexibility with how you choose to brush, making your brushing experience not only better but also more efficient.

At the same time, being a manual model, this model is not as expensive as the Electric Toothbrushes that you might otherwise choose to go for.

Overall, given the fact that this model is actually one of those models designed keeping your specific needs in mind, and is actually still very affordable, I’d say that this is one of the best choices that you could go for.

Of these choices, What is the Best Toothbrush for Braces?

Well, I understand that you might still be wondering about what is the best toothbrush for braces, but there’s no need for you to keep worrying about that, because Tooth Advocates is here for you!

To answer your question, I’d personally say that two models here seem like the best choices to me. These are:

  • The Oral-B Ortho Soft ToothbrushThis one seems like a great choice because it has been specifically made while keeping your exact needs in mind. Another huge positive aspect for this model is the affordability that it boasts of, making it available for you regardless of what your budget is.
  • Philips Sonicare Electric ToothbrushOn the other hand, I’d recommend the Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush- the main reason as to why I would recommend this one would be the technology. Since using sonic waves means you practically don’t have to reach the exact spot anymore, that makes it more efficient when it comes to braces, and thus makes it worth going for.