Should You Dry Your Toothbrush Before Storing It

Should You Dry Your Toothbrush

I used to store my toothbrush in a closed container while it was still wet. However, I got to know about the problems and I actually decided to stop with it.

In today’s article, I’m going to tell you why you should never do the same mistake that I did.

A wet toothbrush is a breeding ground for bacteria, and a closed container only makes the situation worse, because it cannot dry off. And as such, it comes as no surprise that it’s always actually advisable to dry your toothbrush before you store it away, that way you make it harder for significant levels of bacteria to grow on it between uses.

However, that’s not all that there is to it.

You should probably also learn a bit about the exact problems associated with storing away a wet toothbrush and where you might want to store your dry toothbrush and how.

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Should You Dry Your Toothbrush Before Storing It?

As I just said, it is always advisable that you actually do so. Given the fact that your toothbrush shares a room with your toilet in most of the cases, it’s really advisable that you clean it properly and dry it before you store it away. Quoting Wellandgood,

Since your toothbrush is all up in your mouth every day, not to mention that it lives in a room with a toilet, it’s subjected to lots of bacteria—so it’s crucial that you do your best to keep it clean. The American Dental Association notes that it’s best practice to rinse your brush until it’s free of residue, shake it to dry it, and keep it upright and away from other brushes.

However, this isn’t enough to know. You still need to know why and how you might be able to maintain your dental hygiene be keeping your toothbrush clean.

[So, let’s dig in a little deeper- hold tight!]

Why should you dry your toothbrush before storing it?

Drying your toothbrush before you store it is something professionals recommend. And there are quite a few reasons behind this, such as:

  • First of all, you might want to rinse your toothbrush really well after use. And once you’re done with checking the bristles, you need to make sure that it’s dry.
  • This is so because you’d otherwise be leaving it out for the bacteria and germs that might have gotten left behind to thrive on. And given the fact that you’re going to use it again soon, this isn’t something you want, right?
  • Also, the fact that it’s mostly stored with a bunch of other toothbrushes in the same place as your toilet doesn’t really help either. So, the best bet is to just dry it before you store it away, because that’s what ensures your safety the most!

How to dry your toothbrush properly to ensure your dental hygiene?

As I remarked earlier, your toothbrush is one of the major determinants of your dental hygiene. As such, it’s one of the things you need to pay a little extra attention to.

Drying it is one of the most important things that you simply must deal with. As such, you need to know the right way to do it, right? So, here are the main things you might want to keep in mind for drying your toothbrush:

  • The first thing that you might want to do is to actually clean the toothbrush well. Just because you need to dry it up doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wash it properly. In fact, keep in mind that drying is the final step, but washing makes an even greater difference, so you should do it thoroughly.
  • Next, you need to decide how you want to dry it. Some people prefer to shake it dry while some people prefer to just leave it in an upright position. Both of these methods are really great. However, it seems to me that you can do both of these, and that would be just the best idea!
  • Another important thing that you might want to keep in mind is that you need to keep it somewhere in the open. Keeping it in a closed container is actually going to make things worse. This is mostly owing to the fact that germs and bacteria can actually thrive even more well in a closed environment. So, that’s something you might want to pay a little extra attention to.
  • One thing a lot of experts recommend paying a little bit of extra attention to is to actually ensure that your toothbrush isn’t kept with other toothbrushes. This actually takes away the result of much of the hard-work you put in, so it’s really recommended that you keep this point in mind and keep each toothbrush individually if possible.

Don’t forget to wash your toothbrush properly once in a while, though!

One important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to perfectly sterilize your toothbrush every once in a while though.

While this might seem a little trivial, it actually ensures that your dental hygiene is perfectly maintained. Now, how often you do this depends on you and the exact thing you’re using.

However, Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda are among the two most common choices when it comes to this. So, you might want to check out our articles that we prepared specially for you, in case you wanted to check out how to clean your toothbrush with those:

Your toothbrush retires too!

Even though you might be taking the best care of your toothbrush, you still need to realize that it won’t last forever.

In fact, even minor damages can actually affect its functionality drastically. And as such, you need to know when it’s time to actually go for a new toothbrush. After all, you can’t make a compromise when it comes to your dental hygiene!

So, we decided to get an article prepared on how often you might want to replace your toothbrush. We also took a look at how you might find out when it’s time to actually change it. So, click here to check out how long should a toothbrush last!

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