Oral-B Vitality VS Pro 3000: My Comparison

Oral-B Vitality VS Pro 3000

The Oral B Vitality is a basic model while the Pro 3000 is almost a mid-range model. It is natural that these two would have a few differences, because they are primarily meant for different customers.

However, what exactly are these differences? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to take a look at in today’s article!

[So, if you want to know more about these differences, don’t forget to check out the article till the very end!]

As I said, these models are really meant for slightly different customers and as such it isn’t really possible to say that one of them is perfectly better than the other one. However, given the features that each of them provides you with, the Oral-B Pro 300 seems like the better choice if you’re okay with spending a little bit extra. (Click here to check out my review of the Oral-B Pro 3000)

You know what’s one of the models I really recommend? The Oral-B Pro 7000 Electric Toothbrush! See this post for more info.

What are the main features of the Oral-B Vitality?

The Oral-B Vitality is actually a pretty great choice to go for, all things considered. (Click here to read my review of the Oral-B Vitality)

It’s pretty much the basic model for Electric Toothbrushes in the Oral-B line of products, and for that benchmark, it really outperforms itself by a huge margin, making it a really loved model in the market.

The main features of the Oral-B Vitality might be summed up in the following points:Image result for vitality oral b

  • Only 1 cleaning mode: This model comes with only one cleaning mode, and a 2D one at that. The Pro 1000 is the starting model for a 3D cleaning mode- click here to check out my review of the Pro 1000.
  • In the box: This model comes with two brushheads when you order it. This is one of the only models that come along with an extra brush-head, which is something the customers really love about it. You can expect two floss-action or two dual-clean heads depending on the exact Vitality variant that you choose to go for.
  • No 30 second timer: The 30 second timer, also known as the quadpacer, is missing in this model. This feature is available in all models starting from the Pro 1000. ( The Pro 1000 sounds like a great model, doesn’t it? And it really is one of the most loved models from the Oral-B line of products! Click here to check out the Oral B Pro 1000 on Amazon.)
  • No Pressure sensor: The Oral B Vitality doesn’t come along with a pressure sensor as well. This is something pretty important, and a few people tend to look for other models because this essential feature is missing in this base model.
  • No Charging Indicator: The lack of a charging indicator is yet another shortcoming of the Vitality model that you must keep in mind.

While the Oral-B Vitality doesn’t seem like the best model if you’re looking for a lot of features, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a high level of affordability since it’s the most affordable Oral-B electric toothbrush out there. (Click here to check its price out on Amazon)

What are the main features of the Oral-B Pro 3000?

The Oral-B Pro 3000 has quite a few features to boast of. However, what are these exactly? Let us take a look at all the main features that this model has to offer:Image result for Oral b pro 3000

  • Three Cleaning modes: The Oral-B Pro 3000 offers you with not one or two but 3 cleaning modes! This depicts a really high level of functionality altogether!
  • Pressure sensor and indicator: The Pressure sensor is in built in this model and it also has a light indicator that lights up when you’re applying too much pressure. This helps you brush your teeth properly and makes this model praiseworthy in terms of functionality.
  • Quadpacer/ 30 second timer: This model also comes along with the famous quadpacer that you might be looking for- it alerts you after every 30 seconds during your 2 minute brushing session.
  • Bluetooth: Another amazing thing about this model is that it provides you with bluetooth connectivity. This is one of the lowest priced models from Oral-B that provide you with this feature, making it an ideal choice for a lot of people.
  • Pricing: Naturally, this model isn’t exactly a very basic model. It’s a mid-level model that provides you with a lot of features but is surely a little bit more expensive than the more affordable choices out there.

Feel like this might be the right model for you? Click here to buy the Oral-B Pro 3000 on Amazon!

What are the differences between the Oral-B Vitality VS Pro 3000?

Well, as you might have already noticed, there are quite a few differences between the two models that we are discussing about today. However, let us take a look at each of the differences separately now:

  • Brushing modes: The Vitality offers you only one brushing mode while the Pro 3000 offers you with 3, putting the Pro 3000 at a clear lead from the very beginning.
  • Toothbrush-heads given: The Oral-B Vitality provides you with two toothbrush heads while the Oral-B Pro 3000 provides you with only one. Here, the Oral-B Vitality is a better choice.
  • Pressure Indicator: The Vitality, as you already saw lacks this feature. However, the Pro 3000 alerts you whenever you’re applying more pressure than you should be in order to keep your teeth healthy.
  • Quadpacer: The Quadpacer is also another extra feature you get if you choose the Pro 3000 over the Vitality model, because the latter doesn’t really boast of this feature.
  • Pricing: The Oral-B Pro 3000 is a mid level model and is priced accordingly. It is a very functional model and worth going for. But if you’re on a conservative budget, you might want to check out the Oral-B Vitality or the Pro 1000 model. Again, if you’re looking for something even more functional and are willing to spend a little bit extra, you might want to check out the Oral-B Pro 7000 (click here to check out our review of the Pro 7000)


So, at the end of the day, one of the two models doesn’t emerge as the clear victor because they aren’t really meant for the same consumer.

However, if you’re willing to pay a little bit extra, the Pro 3000 seems to offer much more in terms of functionality and efficiency while the Vitality is a great choice if you want an affordable and value for money product. (Click here to buy the Oral-B Pro 3000 on Amazon!)