What is the red light on an oral b tooth brush

What is the red light on an oral b tooth brush

If you ever happen to come across an Oral B toothbrush, the red light near its neck must be one of the first things that you spot. Well, you can’t blame it for being so eye-catching, can you?

But well, I always used to wonder why it’s there- and as it turns out, it is to alert you when the battery runs dangerously low and it is time for you to recharge it OR it might simply be the pressure sensor telling you that you’re pressing too hard on your teeth.

Well, it’s obvious that electric toothbrushes need to be recharged. And even the most disciplined of us does forget to recharge it on time every once in a while. So, Oral B came up with this ingenious plan to alert you when the battery is running really low so that you can charge it.

[Wondering about the exact details like how low your battery is when it starts to alarm you? Well, keep reading to find out!]

When does the red light on the  Oral-B toothbrush alert you?

Quoting Oral B,

If the red light is near the bottom of the handle, this could be the low battery indicator (PRO 1000 and above). It lights up when it’s time to charge your toothbrush, as there is only enough power left in the battery for 1 or 2 more brushes. Now would be a good time to charge it.

Well, you must be wondering when exactly the red light turns on to alert you about the dangerously low battery level. Well, we were wondering about the same and so we ran a few tests here at Tooth Advocates and found out the following:

  • It does NOT turn on when there’s still half or even a quarter of the battery left, it is not an indicator that you can take casually because it turns on and stays on for as long as those old mobile phones that can run for days on an end with almost no battery.
  • It turns on when there’s barely 2-4 minutes of charge left in there. Yes, you read that right- it turns on when there’s barely enough charge for just one or two more brushes left (oral-b assumes that two minutes is how long you ideally need to brush properly)

As such, it turns on only when the battery levels are really low. As such, if the light turns on, you need to take it seriously. Because when it does alarm you, it really is high time that you charged your toothbrush if you want to continue your amazing brushing experience just the way you were.

When does the Pressure sensor alert you?

Quoting Oral B,

Many of our toothbrushes feature a visible pressure sensor. If you’re pressing too hard on your teeth, it will light up. Remember there’s no need to brush hard or scrub — move the toothbrush slowly from tooth to tooth and let the brush do the work.

For quite a few high end models, such as the Oral B Pro 7000, there’s this other thing that they’re equipped with- a pressure sensor that decides if you’re brushing too hard or not.

This is mostly because it has been found that brushing your teeth too hard is actually not as good as we once used to think! In fact, it is more important to brush your teeth properly than to brush it with too much force.

As such, these models come equipped with a pressure sensor that light up whenever you’re brushing your teeth too hard.

So, if you find one of these lighting up, it’s important that you simply reduce the pressure that you’re applying on your teeth so that your brushing experience can be both more comfortable and more productive at the end of the day.

Charging your Oral-B Toothbrush, how often should you do it?

Well, it’s obvious that you need to charge your toothbrush when the red light starts to alert you- but you need not always wait to charge it until there;s no other choice left.

So, should you choose to charge it while there’s still a little more battery left, you need to decide on when the right time to charge it would be. As such, the natural question to ask would be how often you need to charge it.

Well, as it so happens, charging it once every 5-12 days depending on the model should be enough if you brush for as long as oral-b assumes you would (two minutes each brushing session).

But yes, there are quite a few factors at play here. And guess what, Tooth Advocates has already prepared an article on this just for you so that you can know how often you should charge your Oral-B electric toothbrushes- click here to check out our article on the same!

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