Is it Better to Floss in the Morning or Night?

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While a lot of people are not really regular when it comes to flossing, it is generally admitted by professionals that flossing is actually a really important thing if you want to keep up your dental health.

As such, it’s one of the things you shouldn’t really avoid. But, even if you plan on doing it, when is the right time to do it?

Is it better to floss in the morning or night?

Well, there’s no ideal time for flossing, and you can do it at any point during the day but I personally prefer to floss at night before bed if you were to have me choose to do it one single time per day because I don’t want anything sitting undisturbed between my teeth all night long while I sleep.

At least during the day things move around with normal activity of eating, drinking, swallowing, and talking!

With that being said, there are specific advantages to every time that you select, and people are divided in their opinion about what is a better time to floss your teeth, what kind of floss you use, and even if you use floss at all! I’m looking at you Waterpik devotees!

[And we’re going to discuss some of these opinions in today’s article too. Keep reading to find out more!]

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Is it better to floss in the morning or night?

Now, as we just said, you can actually floss your teeth anytime you want.

There really isn’t a correct answer to this question, because it doesn’t really make that much of a difference regardless of the time of the day you choose to put aside to floss your teeth.

Quoting ImpeccableSmiles,

The American Dental Association recommends that you floss once a day. Whether you do it first thing in the morning, right after your lunch, or at bedtime doesn’t really matter. The important thing is to fit it into your schedule religiously as you do with eating meals or brushing your teeth.

With that being said, people do have preferences. Let us take a look at what these preferred timings are, and why:

  • Morning: Some people actually prefer to do it in the morning. The main reason behind it is because they like to do this after brushing so they can be sure of having a good dental health from the very beginning of the day. So, if that’s what you want to go with, the morning sounds like a good time!
  • Night: Some other people, once again, prefer doing it at night after brushing. The main reason behind this is because they want to get rid of the minute particles in their mouth so that they don’t damage their teeth and dental health overnight. This is a really smart decision, and if that’s what you think too, this might just be the right choice for you!
  • Afternoon: Again, there are a few people who actually think the afternoon is the best time to do it. They prefer to do it after having lunch so that they can be sure of having a good dental hygiene for the rest of the day while they go about their work.

For me I like to use my Waterpik at night because it makes noise and I don’t want to wake the kids up in the morning if I don’t have to. The morning and afternoons I tend to just use regular floss because of the simplicity and quietness… and because it’s easier to have plain floss at work.

Now, as you can see, the right time in all of these cases are pretty much dictated by the personal preferences of the person using them.

So, it doesn’t really matter when you use it, as long as you are positive about using it with the right amount of regularity as is important to keep your dental hygiene perfect.

Quoting Dr Demetriou,

Unlike brushing, you need only floss between your teeth once per day. Although you may choose to do it in the morning or afternoon, many prefer to floss at night to prevent food and debris from remaining in the crevices of the teeth overnight. This could prevent the build-up of plaque too, which is a cause of tooth decay.

How many times should you floss everyday?

Once you’ve figured out the answer to is it better to floss in the morning or night, this is the next question that’s bound to come to your mind.

[And of course, we’re going to answer it for you, so there’s no need for you to worry, just keep reading to find out!]

Well, it just so happens that American Dental Association recommends doing it at least once everyday. However, a lot of professionals actually recommend using it twice if you can.

Here at Tooth Advocates, we think that the frequency of doing it is just as important in order to keep your dental health perfect. So, we’ve already prepared an article discussing how many times you should ideally use your waterpik everyday.

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Speaking of flossing, can a Waterpik replace flossing?

I used to wonder for a long time if Waterpik could actually be used as a replacement for flossing.

One of the reason why this appealed to me, and surely must appeal to a lot of people, is because it’s hard for a lot of us to actually floss properly with the string floss that’s conventionally used.

Water floss (Waterpik) is generally much easier to use and we would be super relieved if we could actually make it replace string flossing.

But, as it turns out, while waterpik is super efficient, it really isn’t exactly a replacement to regular flossing.

Tooth Advocates has already prepared an entire article discussing this in more detail, if you’re interested- Please click here to check out if waterpik can really replace flossing.

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