Is brushing your teeth once a day enough?

is brushing your teeth once a day enough

My friend used to brush only once a day, and thought that it was enough- but he couldn’t really have been more wrong. By the time he was 30, a lot of his teeth already had cavity.

So, it doesn’t really seem like brushing your teeth once a day is enough. While it might be enough to save your teeth from damage that happens from plaque build-up, it really isn’t enough to protect you from cavities.

[Wondering about why that’s the case? Make sure that you keep reading to find out why exactly!]

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Is Brushing your teeth once a day enough?

Brushing your teeth, as I just remarked, should be done at least twice a day if you want to keep your teeth in the best possible shape.

The main reason behind this is that while plaque-build up takes 24 hours to build up, cavities can actually happen much sooner than that if food particles are stuck between your teeth.

So, if you brush only once a day at a particular time, you might not really have problems from plaque, but you sure do run at a risk of getting cavities!

Quoting Menshealth,

The buildup of plaque that causes gum disease takes at least 24 hours to develop, so if you’re brushing once a day, you’ll disrupt the bacteria before it gets a chance to really screw up your gums. BUT: Cavities are pretty much a definite—especially if you’re only brushing in the morning.

Again, quoting RD,

Think of your tooth brush, floss, and mouth rinse as the good guys of oral health care. The bad guys are bacteria. “Bacteria thrive on food left on or in between teeth, and it grows at lightening speed,” says Lee Gause, DDS, of Smile Design Manhattan. “If you only brush once a day, plaque and bacteria build up in the mouth and lead to bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease.” Bad breath is just a minor misdemeanor compared to the real crime of what happens when you don’t brush your teeth twice a day.

So, to sum it all up, it would be pretty safe to say that it’s probably the best to brush your teeth at least twice a day.

The main reason behind that is that while doing it once might not necessarily mean that you would have problems, there is always a chance, and that’s something you cannot really afford to take if you want to keep that smile up for long.

Do you rinse your mouth after using Mouthwash?

A lot of people are in the habit of actually rinsing their mouth with water once they’ve used their mouthwash.

While this might often seem like a good idea because it gives you a little more relief from the burning sensation that some mouthwashes leave you with, it really isn’t.

This is not a good idea because the mouthwash actually has quite a bit of work that it does even after you have spit it out.

So, unless you want to miss out on the rest of the job that the Mouthwash is actually intended to do, it is really recommended that you do not rinse your mouth with water after using mouthwash.

Tooth Advocates has already prepared an entire article for you about this detailing the main reasons as to why you might want to avoid rinsing your mouth with water after using a mouthwash- click here to check out our article right here at Tooth Advocates!

Is there any way to whiten your teeth?

If you really haven’t been able to brush properly for an extended period of time for some reason, you might have actually ended up yellowing your teeth a bit.

A lot of my friends used to ask me if there’s any way to actually whiten their teeth- and as I always told them, there are several ways to do so!

And trust me, most of these ways aren’t really that hard either- however, since they all rely on abrasive materials, it really is recommended to not use them too often because that would actually damage your enamel.

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